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Hex Jr. contains all 3 obtainable currencies, split up on this page. Currencies include; Tier, Elixir, and Asterisks.

IMG Caption: The three horseman of currencies; Tier, Elixir and Asterisks as seen with the _bal command.

1. Tier

Tier (seen as 💎) is the main level of currency. Tiers mainly depend on Elixir the most and because of this, you must have a sufficent number of Elixir to level up. Once you get a specific amount of Elixir per level, execute "_lvlup" to level up your Tier. The list of tiers shows as follows:

Tier | Elixir Needed | Info
0 Default Tier 0 is the default tier for new players.
1 100 Unlocks fishing minigame.
2 250
3 500 Unlocks PC item and _give command.
4 900 Unlocks slots minigame.
5 1500 Unlocks hacking minigame.
6 2400
7 3500
8 4800
9 6500
10 9000 Maximum tier for players.

2. Elixir

Elixir (seen as ⚗️) is the sub-level of currency for Tiers, and can be obtained from playing/executing specific games and commands, and exchanging Asterisks to Elixir. Elixir can be used to level up Tiers. After leveling up by a Tier, you will not lose your Elixir.

3. Asterisks

Asterisks (seen as *️⃣) are the main currency for Hex Jr. Asterisks will be earned normally while interacting with the bot. Asterisks can be used to redeem boosts and exchange to Elixir. As Asterisks are the main currency, they can be exchanged to another user using the "_give @player [amount]" command.

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